LAHORE – Former Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif stated here on Tuesday that despite change of government in the province, the attitude of the Centre towards this province remains unchanged.

He said that the masses in Punjab are suffering even more acute shortage of electricity and long hours of loadshedding.

He said in respect of electricity, Punjab has been receiving a highly discriminatory treatment from the Federal Government over the last five years. He further said that wheel of industry in this province has come to a grinding halt while life of the poor has become harder and bitter and they are fast losing patience.

Shahbaz said it was amazing that the corrupt and inefficient government of the PPP was no more in place but fate of the Punjab was still the same. The caretaker government must immediately end loadshedding and supply the province its due share of electricity, he added.

Shahbaz Sharif recalled that despite being in government he sided with the helpless masses when they agitated against the step motherly treatment from the Centre with regard to supply of electricity and had held office in tents in the scorching heat.

This time too, the masses will find him among themselves, he said asking the Federal Government to address the problem of loadshedding in Punjab without any delay. From the facts and figures of Wapda, the former CM said, the total shortfall of electricity is one-third of the total need but duration of loadshedding in Punjab is up to 22 hours which is a glaring injustice with the people of Punjab.

He specially invited attention of the caretaker Prime Minister to intervene ,otherwise, the textile industry and the people will suffer an irreparable loss from the loadshedding.