LAHORE – Different parts of newly constructed Ferozpur Road are cracking and deforming just after a couple of weeks perhaps because of substandard material used in the project by the construction company.

Sources in the Communication and Works (C&W) informed this scribe that the contractors started patchwork at affected areas of the road in order to hide faulty or defective construction of the road as well as for covering their incapability and performance.

“They have to start patchwork at the road because cracks were appearing at different portions of the road which not only were spreading but also were de-shaping the physical appearance of one of the major and beautiful roads of the city”, they added.

“The contractors so far have repaired a number of the damaged parts of the road and the patchwork of remaining dilapidated portions is underway”, they said adding that besides repairing road, they also have to reconstruct the manholes in the middle of the road from Mazang to Ichra as unleveled manholes were causing disturbance in traffic flow while others were chocked during the construction of Metro Bus Service track.

They said that the concerned officials of various departments started repairing damaged segments of the Ferozpur Road as soon as they received information regarding rapidly decaying condition of different important intersections of the road especially from Ichra to Model Town and Chungi Amr Sidhu.

The officials in fact feared of any inquiry in this regard and before the provincial government takes notice whether based any public complaint or any inspection team could expose their defective construction, the sources added.

Moreover, reputation of the construction companies and officers of the government departments was also on stake because any inspection or complaint regarding newly constructed road could expose their performance and claimed technical expertise and use of high quality material in the construction of road.

They said that the government awarded the contract for the re-construction the Ferozpur Road to blue-eyed companies of the country and different government departments as well after completion of the MBS project.

Although, the companies were being given task to construct road but their expert engineers failed to lay sound foundation for such new road, they said, adding that inefficient engineers focused to meet deadline given by the government for completing the project instead of focusing on the quality of work.

They said that allegedly contractors used substandard material in connivance with the higher authorities or they were doing it deliberately under the shelter of some influential persons and with the support of political figures because most of the contractor and officials were their blue-eyed who allegedly used substandard material for the construction of the road.

“Billions of rupees were being wasted in the name of construction of Ferozpur Road which also was constructed some month before launching of new project of Metro Bus Service and the practice continued on personal liking and disliking of the former Punjab Chief Minister and Ferozpur Road remained the most focused road during his tenure regarding development”, they concluded.