HAFIZABAD - Citizens Associations have called upon the EDO Health and the Tehsil Municipal Administration Administrator to ensure fumigation of all local streets, drains particularly new localities around the city to save the citizens from malarial and dengue mosquitoes and flies.

The association pointed out that since the advent of spring, mosquitoes have invaded the localities, especially during nights and the citizens particularly children and elderly people have to pass sleepless nights. The association asserted that to prevent outbreak of malaria steps o war-footings should be taken to fumigate and spray the drains and localities.

The association argued that though the Health Department had launched a “vigorous” awareness campaign among the citizens to prevent them from dengue fever, mere creating awareness was not sufficient to cater to the purpose.

The Association appealed to the TMA authorities to improve sanitary conditions in Mohallah Dhabwala, Naseerpura, Ilyaspura, Qazipura, Sharifpura and inside the old city.

DCO TRANSFERRED: DCO Dr Farah Masood has been transferred and posted as DCO Toba Tek Singh vice Zafar Iqbal posted here.

She has relinquished charge and thanked the officers and subordinate officials of the office for their whole-hearted cooperation during her short tenure in the district.

She said that respect and affection conferred to her by them would always be remembered.