JUSTIN Bieber has embraced his feminine side with his new Rihanna style haircut.

The Beauty And The Beat singer has had his locks styled in to a “Skrillex” - named after DJ Skrillex - which was voted the worst celebrity hairdo of the 21st century last week after celebs including Rihanna and Miley Cyrus had the chop. Justin, 19, caused a fuss with his army of fans after pictures of him posing with the wacky new ‘do started circulating on Twitter.

One upset Belieber wrote: “I will always support Justin Bieber no matter what but his new haircut is hideous and for me to say that it must be true.” But not all of his fans were so easily put off their idol, one smitten lady said: “The new hairstyle is different.. but you know I love you no matter what haircut you get.”                   –TS