LINDSAY Lohan has been told to turn up on time for the premiere of Scary Movie 5. Producers are apparently worried the troubled star will be late to the evening.

“Lindsay was notoriously late for a movie premiere and producers of Scary Movie 5 have told her she must show up on time,” a source told RadarOnline. It’s just disrespectful not to and very unprofessional. Will she actually show up on time? No one is holding their breath. If Lindsay was smart, she would turn up on time because Charlie (Sheen) is absolutely disgusted by all her antics. From showing up late while shooting his sitcom, then walking off with wardrobe from the set, well, Lindsay would be very stupid to burn Charlie again.” “He has loaned her money for taxes and given her acting jobs when no one else would hire her. Charlie now recognises that Lindsay is nothing but trouble and that she desperately needs help. He is rooting for her to turn it around, but is genuinely worried for her health. The crew she surrounds herself with is troubling to Charlie, as they seem like leeches.”            –SS