RAWALPINDI - Over 7000 students from Rawalpindi division have filed applications seeking rechecking of papers pertaining to primary and middle standard examination held under Punjab Examination Commission (PEC).

The government and registered schools have thus expressed mistrust over PEC by challenging the results of the examination organized by PEC.

As many as 20663 students passed and 33849 failed out of total 54512 students who appeared in primary standard examination while 23112 students succeeded and 22860 students were declared unsuccessful out of total 45972 candidates in middle standard examination.

Sources said that majority of the students were failed for obtaining less than 25 marks in one paper only while the remaining papers were cleared by them. Not only private schools have applied for rechecking of the papers but the government and registered schools have also communicated their plea on official letter pad to the PEC for rechecking of the papers. All the applications will be sent to Lahore in the next two or three days.