LAHORE – The business community has urged the ambassadors of Pakistan to work selflessly for exchange of trade delegations between Pakistan and the country they are posted in. They said that single country exhibitions and catalogue shows are proven tools to enhance bilateral trade.

Ambassador to Thailand Sohail Khan, Ambassador to Uzbekistan Riaz Hussain Bukhari and Ambassador designate to Cambodia Amjad Ali Sher on Tuesday visited the LCCI and had a detailed meeting with the LCCI members and identified areas of mutual cooperation.

LCCI President Farooq Iftikhar, talking to them, said that if Pakistan’s diplomatic corps play its role proactively, it is not only the exports that would register a quantum jump but would also be instrumental in promoting the soft image of the country.

He said that almost all Ambassadors that visit Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry show keen interest in promoting the products made in their respective countries and offer assistance to improve imports from their country while Pakistani Ambassadors rarely visit business associations of the country they are posted in. He said that Pakistan holds a great potential that needs to be tapped. He said that Thailand, Uzbekistan and Cambodia are importing goods worth billions of dollars at higher rates from other countries of the world while same could be imported from Pakistan at a bit lower price. He said that Pakistani merchandise are simply the best in quality terms therefore, the diplomats should establish show casing facilities at Pakistani missions abroad to attract foreign buyers.

He said that being an agricultural country, export of fruits and vegetables can be fairly lucrative. Pakistan is famous for its citrus and fresh vegetables

He said that Joint ventures in carrying out of the exploration work in Pakistan with Thai help can assist both the countries in terms of investment for Thailand and exploration for Pakistan. Gems and jewelry is another domain in which Pakistan holds export potential.