PESHAWAR - One Abdullah, resident of Peshawar, on Tuesday announced to leave for a ‘Peace Tour’ of ten countries via bicycle, aims to dispel the negative impression about Pakistan and promote a soften image of the motherland across the world. Addressing a news conference here at press club, Abdullah said that today Pakistan was being known for terrorism and the masses were being considered as terrorists, whereas in reality it was quite against the fact. “Pakistan is not a terrorist country and its people are peace loving,” he said. “I want to depict a soft image of the country and its people internationally,” he added.

Abdullah also lamented that earlier he had left for an international peace tour but after entering Afghanistan certain anti-Pakistani elements brutally tortured him and compelled to wind-up the tour. He vowed that he didn’t lost courage and again on the invitation of Afghanistan intends to left for a tour of ten countries, including the central Asian republics.

He was optimistic to break the record of a Japani cyclist, who had made a record of visiting fifty countries of the world in four years in mere two years. “Pakistani youth is not incompetent or weak to compete anyone in any creative or sports competition,” he remarked.

He said the main purpose of my tour was to build a positive and soft image of the motherland and countrymen across the world through my this act.