LARKANA - The PPP is facing a severe threat of losing candidates in constituencies of Larkana and Kamber-Shahdadkot districts.

According to the political situation developed after the brief candidatures and submission of forms by various PPP candidates without prior consultations. On PS-37, former MPA Ayaz Soomro has been dropped and Muhammad Ali Bhutto and Abdul Fateh Bhutto, the brother of ex-MNA Anwar Bhutto, are likely to get party tickets.

The PPP has dropped another candidate ex-MPA Haji Munawwar Ali Abbasi from PS-38 and nominated Khursheed Ahmed Junejo who is the former district nazim Larkana.

It is also worth mentioning here, Abbasi family’s candidates among Dr Safdar Ali Abbasi on NA-205, his nephew Moazzam Abbasi on NA-204 and former MPA Haji Munawwar Ali Abbasi on PS-38 will contest as independent candidates in Larkana and Kamber-Shahdadkot.

The Abbasi Kalhoro community has largely protested and criticised the PPP for neglecting close associates of Benazir Bhutto. The party workers are annoyed over the decision for ignoring veteran politicians of the PPP in Larkana.

The sources disclosed the PPP has also decided to withdraw former MNA Shahid Hussain Bhutto, the cousin of Benazir Bhutto, from NA-204 replacing him by PPP Larkana general secretary Abdul Fateh Bhutto.

Nadir Khan Magsi, a potential candidate of the PPP on PS-40, has been disqualified on grounds of fake degree. Simultaneously, PS-35 Larkana-I constituency ticket has been given to Altaf Hussain Unar after neglecting former MPA Ghulam Sarwar Siyal. The PPP has decided to re-shuffles its candidates at different provincial seats including PS-41 and PS-42, where new figures will replace former MPAs Aziz Jatoi and Najamuddin Abro in Kamber-Shahdadkot district. The PPP has not yet decided to choose its candidates on different National and Provincial Assembly seats, because 4 to 5 PPP candidates have filed nomination papers on every constituencies of Larkana and Kamber-Shahdadkot district.

At least 417 candidates have been scrutinised for National Assembly and Provincial Assembly seats in Larkana and Kamber-Shahdadkot districts.

According to the details, there are 131 candidates scrutinised on National Assembly seats including 38 candidates for NA-204 Larkana-I, 32 candidates for NA-205 Larkana-II, 16 candidates for NA-206 Kambar-Shahdadkot-I, 45 for NA-207 Kambar-Shahdadkot-II.

While, 286 candidates scrutinised for 8 Provincial Assembly seats in Larkana and Kamber-Shahdadkot districts including 28 candidates for PS-35 Larkana-I, 45 candidates for PS-36 Larkana-II, 32 candidates for PS-37 Larkana-III, 54 candidates for PS-41 Larkana-IV, 41 candidates for PS-38 Kambar-Shahdadkot-I, 27 candidates for PS-39 Kambar-Shahdadkot-II, 41 candidates for PS-40 Kambar-Shahdadkot-III, 18 candidates for PS-42 Kambar-Shahdadkot-IV.

There are several candidates whose nomination papers have rejected on different issues while some of the candidates are likely to go for appeal through tribunal for further proceedings.

The Pakistan People’s Party is yet in a fix in awarding tickets to its potential candidates in Sindh who are expected to fight 2013 general elections. Some of them have been given tickets and others are still awaiting and pursuing their top party contacts for the same.  As per reliable party sources, the Parliamentary Board of the party headed by Faryal Talpur and consisting of provincial chief of the party Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Larkana division chief Siraj Durani and other divisional chiefs, has finalised their candidates for various national and provincial assembly seats for which formal announcement will be made by the party.

Talking to newsmen at President Camp House, Haji Muzaffar Shujra, a potential candidate for PS-129 from Karachi, said that he has informed the leadership about their constituencies and party is yet to finalise the name for this constituency but he added that he is very confident to be able to secure the party confidence in the shape of ticket.

Former Deputy Speaker and PPP leader Shehla Raza avoided talking to journalists for no valid reason. These party sources said that Sajid Banbhan of Khairpur demanded one national assembly seat for himself from Khairpur and another provincial assembly seat for his brother Zahid Banbhan but he was only assured for one seat which is yet to be finalised. Another PPP leader from Khairpur Pir Fazal Shah also demanded one national assembly seat ticket for NA-214 for himself and another provincial assembly ticket for PS-36 for his brother Piyar Ali Shah. Parliamentary Board also advised him to get only one ticket either for himself for his brother on which he got annoyed and walked out of the meeting, reliable sources said.

These sources further said that Javed Shah of Khairpur was given ticket for NA-217 and Naeem Kharal for PS-34. Formal announcement of the party about final awarding of tickets to its various candidates in the province is yet be made but sources said that the provincial constituency of former law minister Ayaz Soomro has been changed as he has been given ticket for NA-204 and Muhammad Ali Bhutto has been asked to fight on PS-37 in place of Ayaz Soomro as he faced wrath of the PPP voters during his visits in last three days to various villages including Banguldero and Lashari, sources said.

Soomro prayed to Faryal Talpur in Naudero for changing his constituency which was allowed without keeping in view whether he will win the national assembly seat of 204 which was one in 2008 elections by Shahid Bhutto, insiders revealed to the Media. These reliable insiders told media that for NA-205, Nazir Bughio will be the PPP candidate, NA-206 will be contested by Aamir Magsi and NA-207 by Faryal Talpur. For PS-35, Haji Altaf Unnar has been finalized as PPP candidate, Nisar Khuhro will contest on PS-36, Muhammad Ali Bhutto on PS-37 (this seat was first given to Abdul Fattah Bhutto, Larkana District general secretary of the party and younger brother of MNA Anwar Bhutto who lost his life in a road accident), Khursheed Junejo from 38 and PS-41 will be contested by Aziz Jatoi.

Decision of PS-39 and 40 are still awaited, these sources said. On PS-39, Nadir Magsi was the candidate but due to his disqualification in fake degree case the position of independent candidate Sardar Khan Jarwar has become very strong. On PS-40, Mir Mithal Mugheri has applied for party ticket but it has not yet decided whether he should be given ticket or not as his brother Ghaibi Khan Mugheri is in the PML-N.