ISLAMABAD - Flanked by Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Javed Hashmi and backed by his party leaders, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday unveiled his party's much awaited 12-point election manifesto.

Imran made it loud and clear that his party, once voted into power, would relentlessly work to ensure, free primary healthcare, uniformed education system for all, equal opportunities, social justice and safety net for unemployed. Imran announced support to local body polls and vowed to restore the local body system, if his party comes into power.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Imran vowed to eliminate corruption in first three months of PTI's government. He announced to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare, sovereign state, friendly for its neighbours. 

During the press conference that was attended by a huge number of local and international reporters, a confident and smart chairman of the PTI said his party would widened tax net and make strong local body system.

"All governance in cities and towns will go to the municipality and the city government will raise independent revenue for city development. Primary healthcare for the poor and elderly will be free. The policy of fighting war for others and act as a surrogate for any power will not be pursued. Nation building will be a priority and its natural resources will be exploited for development of the country and also benefit the people living in resource-rich area.

“Pakistan's strategic location will be used to strengthen the nation by becoming a lucrative trade and energy corridor and take economic advantage of it," said PTI chief Imran Khan while outlining his party's manifesto. It is the first time when a manifesto has been developed by any political party with feedback from experts and professionals.

PTI President Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Asad Umer, Shafquat Mahmood, Jahangir Tareen, Dr Shireen Mazari, Imran Ismail, Naeemul Haq, Dr Israr Shah, Faisal Javed Khan and others were also present on the occasion.

Imran said: "It is not possible for those parties to bring reforms who have themselves devastated the country. Two major political parties have taken many turns of the government but never bring reforms. These parties have not allowed the shifting of power to local level. The PTI will transfer power to grass root level by holding local government elections in three months after coming into power. Other political parties have not taken such steps just to hold the funds in their hands.”

Imran Khan said that corruption is the major issue of the country and the PTI would wipe out this curse within 90 days after coming into power, adding that the PTI's manifesto was not base on slogans but it was formulated after deliberation, so there should be no ambiguity about its implementation. He added that power outages would be brought to end within two to three years.

He said that the defence spending would be rationalised and the defence budget would be debated in Parliament with in-camera sessions according to the sensitivity of the issue.

Imran said that the PTI would eliminate the Railway Ministry and the departments like Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) would also be made autonomous. He said that the PTI would reduce the number of ministries because other parties have used this tool as political bribe, adding that his party would also depoliticize the bureaucracy and police. Imran Khan said that the Pakistan Television (PTV) would also be made an autonomous body.

"PTI also recognises the scourge of terrorism and its devastating effect on Pakistan in the form of intolerance, fear and hate. Hence, it stands committed to fought for the betterment of Pakistan," said Imran Khan, adding that agricultural reforms would also be put in place and 15 percent agriculture tax would be introduced on land holding exceeding 50 acres while domestic industry would be encouraged. 

"We will computerise all the land-related data and the infamous patwari system would be replaced with computerised system to facilitate the community," said Khan, adding that his party seeks to establish a social and political order in Pakistan where equal opportunity exists for each citizen in every walk of life. Justice ensures women, minorities the poor and underprivileged will not be exploited and discriminated by the powerful, he added.

Khan said that from conducting intra-party elections to giving 35% electoral tickets to youth and new faces, the PTI delivered its promises and it would similarly deliver all its commitment to the people.

He said that PTI focused on policies for the minorities, labour (including agricultural), youth, women, and persons with disabilities to ensure no discrimination. PTI also recognises overseas Pakistanis as a valuable asset for the country and has outlined a policy for improving their access to Pakistan and its development, he added.

"Economic policy will be governed in a way to promote fast-paced industrial growth and ensure job creation.  It will ensure that minimum wage of labour is commensurate with the inflation level in the country. To fast track development within the first 100 days, PTI will take full advantage of the natural resource of the country like copper and coal".

Imran Khan said that for the first time in history any political party has formed a detailed policy on the basic issues being faced by the country, adding that other political parties have no match with our policy.

Imran Khan said that the PTI was not relying on electables but the other major parties are dependent on electables who always blackmail these parties by making forward blocks.