ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Muslim League-Q has serious doubt about PPP’s intentions over seat adjustment as PPP candidates have filed nomination papers for almost all constituencies and whether or not they are going to surrender as per agreed seat adjustment formula, is a big question now.

As per the seat adjustment formula agreed between the two parties, the winner party in any constituency reserves the right to field its candidate while the ally will support its candidate. Provided both the parties had lost that constituency in 2008 elections then the runner-up will be considered to contest the election in that constituency.

Election is nearing but still there are more than 15 seats, which are controversial and no final decision has been made on those seats. But the other seats, claimed to be decided between the two parties, are also not clear now as PML-Q members are doubtful about the intentions of PPP.

It has been learnt that PML-Q has serious reservations about the candidates belonging to PPP and have filed nomination papers though most of them are not yet issued party tickets. The sources in PML-Q believe that these people have support of PPP which is planning to play a game with PML-Q as it would not stop its people from contesting elections in independent capacity and if these people win elections would taken into PPP fold afterward that will benefit them. The sources privy to the situation said that PPP’s candidates are not ready to surrender their right to contest elections and they are continuously demanding of their party to issue them tickets otherwise they will contest in independent capacity.

PML-Q members also believe that even the alliance with PPP remains intact that will not benefit PML-Q ticket holders anyway because “Jialas” will not vote for Muslim League candidates and vice versa.

The sources said that apart from the independent candidates having affiliation with PPP seem to be going to contest elections, there are more than 15 such constituencies where both the parties are likely to contest elections against each other that practically will end the alliance between the two parties. Especially after PML-Q has loosed many of its electables, PPP is not taking the party very seriously as the higher leadership considers that PML-Q in the present circumstances cannot add much.