ISLAMABAD - Small hotels operating in different areas of the Federal capital with a brisk pace are serving unhygienic food in an unhealthy environment to their customers and posing grave threats to human health. It has been observed that these Khokhas and Chappar hotels located along roadside or on green belts, wash crockery with dirty and used water due to non unavailability of clean water at such localities.

The trend of small hotels with no standards is flourishing in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi due to lack of action by the authorities concerned.

The standard of the hotels is deteriorating as authorities are not holding them accountable, said Hashim Ali, a customer. He told APP that crockery which these hotels use to serve food is usually scratched and unwashed and the water is also not filtered. Chappar hotels can be seen in every area of the capital. The hotels are situated in Sector I-8, in front of Shifa International Hospital, Sector H-8, Zero point, near Marriott Hotel, Faizabad, Sector I-9, I-10, G-7, F-10, G-11, F-6 and Sector G-10.

Doctor Abdul Rehman of the Shifa International Hospital said that at Chappar hotels, healthy people have to take their food in dishware used by patients of communicable diseases also. He said, “We appeal to the government to strictly monitor Chappar hotels and educate their management about cleanliness.”