RAJANPUR - PML-Q leader Muhammad Jaffar Khan Leghari, a PML-N candidate from NA-174 who had joined the party after prolonged meeting with top leaders, has appeared to be a defaulter of the Punjab Cooperative Bank, Choti (DG Khan).

In election 2008, he made an alliance with Sher Ali Khan Gorchani, ex-MPA -PP-247, but in the forthcoming elections, both of them have parted their ways. The Leghari thought that PP-247 is an area with majority of the Legharis and thus only a person from the family should be named as candidate there. His wife Begum Meena Khan Leghari also opposed nomination of a person outside the family as candidate.

Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa had suggested the name of his paternal cousin Aasma Mamdot, ex-MPA, but later he asked Shahbaz Sharif, the former Punjab chief minister, to contest from PP-247 and the latter agreed and filed his nomination papers at Jampur causing Leghari-Gorchani differences. The former CM’s papers have been accepted.

Now, Jaffar Leghari would be PML-N candidate for NA-174 and Sher Ali Khan Gorchani has been shifted to PP-248. The now the situation has taken a new turn as Jaffar Khan Leghari is Rs113,184,442 defaulter of the Punjab Cooperative Bank, Choti (DG Khan). For further consultation, the PML-N bigwigs have called ex-MPA Sher Ali Khan Gorchani Lahore.

If the nomination papers of Jaffar Khan Leghari are rejected, Kh Kaleemuddin Korejah could be the next candidate of PML-N for the constituency where Nasarullah Khan Dareshak of PML-Q after 20 years have joined hands with Mir Balkh Sher Khan Mazari to form a new alliance under the name of Azad Mazari Dareshak Itehad. Dareshak would contest an election from NA-174.

As PPP’s probable candidates, Malik Ihsan and Imran Arain will contest from the NA-174, Waqas Khan Gorchani from PP-247 and Athar Hassa Khan Gorchani from PP-248. Party tickets have not been awarded to any of them yet. Representing the PTI, Abdur Razzaq Raja, a poor but active worker, has filed his nomination papers for NA-174. Mirza Abdul Karim Moughul alias Gaggan Khan, a farmer, will contest for PP-247 seat. The constituency consists of 19 union councils of tehsil Jampur and 3 UCs of tehsil Rajanpur including Jampur City, Daajal, Muhammadpur Diwan, Hajipur, Mad Rindan, Kot Tahir Kotla Mughlan, Kotla Diwan, Nowshehra Gharbi, Tibi Solgi, Tibi Lundan, Harand, Miranpur Shumali, Lal Garh and Lundi Saidan.