KASUR - PPP Lahore division president Chaudhry Manzoor Ahmed said that politicians, who shifted their loyalties at eleventh hour, disgraced the profession of politics.

He stated this during a press conference at Kasur Press Club here on Tuesday.

He said that some political figures remained associated with parties but then shifted their allegiance after getting all the benefits and funds.

He said that such opportunist are not politicians as they only care about their personal interest and have no concern with interest of the party or the masses. He urged the politicians to remain loyal to their parties and not to abandon them as it will shake the confidence of the masses.

The PPP leader announced that all formalities for Bulleh Shah International University had been completed, adding that university’s establishment was dream of every educated person in Kasur. He said that the campus of the university would cover an area of 105 acres that costs 1680 million rupees.

Talking about the energy crisis, he said that if Nawaz Sharif had not withdrawn the Electricity project of 40,000 MW during his tenure the country might not have faced the energy crisis.

He claimed that the textile sector had made tremendous progress during the last tenure of PPP led government, adding that the government provided subsidized electricity to the masses. To a question, he said that kasur faced less power outages as compared to other parts of the province.

On the occasion, he also handed over a cheque worth 2.5 million rupees to the Kasur Press Club. Manzoor said that the former PPP led government also awarded and amount worth 10 million rupees to the District Bar Kasur.