LAHROE – The Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company has launched the course of fashion design for women in collaboration with First Women Bank Limited to implement USAID Gender Equity Programme.

The course is being organised at National Institute of Design and Analysis Karachi and Lahore centres, where a total of 40 women are being trained on the modern lines of apparel designing. TUSDEC has engaged highly seasoned trainers to impart the course curricula revealing the redbrick of fashion discernment.

 According to one of the trainers, the course span on a duration of four weeks in which the trainees will be outfitted with creative styling, pattern making and entrepreneurship skills. Greater emphasize will be laid on practical exercises. The trainees will be apprised with both conventional and most forward fashion trends as well as the forecasts which will help them fine-tune their creativity while classifying their own esthetics.

The company source shared that the course has been specifically launched for the women belonging to meager income backgrounds, who can not afford to attain quality trainings due to escalated cost rolls attached. TUSDEC has also facilitated all the trainees with the provision of free of cost tool kits as well as the transportation facility. At the course completion, the trainees will exhibit their work and will be certified for their training, which will aid them in opting for a formal employment or instigating their own business.