SIALKOT- A bomb disposal squad defused an Indian made anti-tank landmine averting the area from heavy disaster near far-off bordering village Chahoor-Sabzpeer, Pasrur tehsil.

The anti-tank landmine reached here while floating into the flow of floodwater in Nullah Dek from the Indian territory, the DCO confirmed. He said that the Indian landmine weighed 10 kilogramme.

Reportedly, some local people saw it and informed the police. The bomb disposal squad was called. He said that five Indian landmines have been defused during the last two days.

He said that it was the fifth Indian landmine which has been defused.

Earlier, two landmines, weighing 10kg each, had already been defused by the bomb disposal squad. These landmines had reached near villages Jandiyaaala-Zafarwal and Pindi Dewaniyaan after floating into the Nullah Dek from India.