MULTAN: A man and a woman, allegedly two kidnappers, were thrashed by the public today for trying to abduct a child.

According to police, citizens assaulted a man and a woman in Billi Wala area of Multan. When asked, the people responded by stating that both the man and the woman wanted to kidnap a child, but got caught in the act.

Enraged citizens pelted the police's mobile vehicle with stones when it arrived on the scene. However, police were able to take the alleged kidnappers into their custody and shift them to a local police station.

Investigation regarding the matter is going on to determine whether or not the couple is guilty of the crime or not.

Kidnappings in Punjab have been on the rise during the past few weeks, especially Lahore. Chief Justice of Pakistan also took a suo moto action against the increase in kidnappings of children in Punjab.