LAHORE - The only solution to the Kashmir issue was entangling the Indian forces in the war, the vision given by late veteran journalist Dr Majid Nizami.

Dialogues after the sack of Dacca don’t matter for Hindu who knew that Pakistani surrendered.

It was said by the speakers at Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan that organised a seminar on ‘Kashmir Issue and Dr Majid Nizami’s vision-Responsibilities of Pakistan’ at HNPIP Auditorium near China Chowk on Tuesday.

Former justice Mian Mehboob Ahmad presided over while daily Nawa-i-Waqt Chief News Editor Dilawar Ch and former MNA Bushra Rehman were chief guests on occasion. Speakers included senior analyst Mian Saifur Rehman and NPT Secretary Shahid Rasheed. HNPIP Director Absar Abdul Ali was the moderator.

Mian Mehboob Ahmad said that we want Indian cooperation in resolving Kashmir's issue. Why Pakistan established the Kashmir committee comprising of members have nothing to do with Pakistan movement and it creation. So far the committee showed nil performance. No MNA ever raised such questions. We are a negligent nation who neglected core issue of Kashmir, he said.

“We lost Eastern Pakistan by surrendering in the battlefield. We preferred defeat on sacrifices and lost everything. Hindu understands it very well. Hindu is biased. Those who support trade with India, live in fool's Paradise. We have poorly planning everywhere, whether it be foreign policy or internal affairs. Shimla accord damaged our strong stance, the former justice said. “Entangle the enemy in war is the only way to live Kashmir issue,” he stressed.

Shahid Rasheed said quoting Dr Nizami who said India wanted to convert Pakistan into the desert by constructing dams on our rivers. That why he never liked India. Dr Nizami said to Musharaf “If I were president I would have started atomic war on Kashmir issue.”

He established Kashmir fund and supported earthquake victims. He criticized Modi's government and never supported developing relationships with India till resolution of the Kashmir issue.

Mian Saif Rehman said that the history of the Indian cruelties in Kashmir is old. He said we could not benefit from Nizam’s vision. Where is Kashmir policy, he asked. The need is to tell the world India was cruel. OIC should take the issue.

Dilawar Ch said that Kashmir is Pakistan. Another country occupied it and we should liberate it. Dr Nizami said that dialog wasn't the solution to Kashmir issue. Our foreign policy is poor and the need is to strengthen relations with others countries like China, Turkey, Iran to pressurize India resolve Kashmir's issue.

Bushra Rehman said Modi wanted to usurp Kashmir at every cost. India wanted to settle more Hindus to get a majority for a referendum as proposed by the UNO. They want to amend its constitution to show Kashmir as the province of India, she held.

Standing committee on Kashmir issue, don't work. The committee never presented its report in the assembly in ten years to which Molana Fazalur Rehman chairs. India made successful propaganda campaign as compared to us that's usurper, we are failed on this side. Why do we start to trade with India and import from India who is the main player of bloodshed? There are people who don't like to talk on Kashmir issue including those who never liked creation of Pakistan. We should demand our government to get and produce performance report of Kashmir committee, she requested the audience.