Rawalpindi-Police have taken four suspects into custody in connection with continuing knife attacks on females in several areas of Morgah, reliable sources disclosed to The Nation yesterday.

One woman was killed while fourteen others got injured in recent incidents of knife attacks in areas of Kotha Kalan and Morgah. In attacks targeting only women, a group of men uses knives to inflict injuries intended to kill or critically damage females seen on streets.

Traumatised, victim Noor Imaan spoke of her fear: “A man wielding a knife attacked me and fled. Injured and scared, I came home and told my parents. I live in a constant state of fear and the wounds don’t seem to heal.”

Residents of the area report feelings of shock and fear, restricting female movement and blaming the authorities of not doing enough. “Our girls have stopped going to schools and colleges. Every other day, an incident or two takes place but nobody seems to take any notice of our security,” a local complained.

A total of 15 to 19 incidents have been reported so far, with three women killed.

On the other hand, the arrested suspects whose identities are being kept secret by police investigators, are being grilled, sources said. Sources also revealed that the intelligence agencies picked up two brothers, including the prayer leader of a mosque in Kotha Kallan, on suspicion of having links with the knife-wielding man who is out on mission to target lone females in streets and roads.

A large number of unreported cases of knife attack on girls have also been surfaced during a survey conducted by The Nation.

Meanwhile, a team comprising officials from IT Lab of Potohar Town had visited all the victim families and recorded their statements.

According to sources, a police team headed by senior police officers including SP Muhammad Ateeque Tahir and DSP Farhan Aslam took into custody four suspects on information provided by the locals and the victim families.

DSP Farhan Aslam, when contacted, confirmed the development saying: “We had detained four suspects on basis of information provided by the locals or the victim girls.” He said that the suspects are being interrogated and so far they have not confessed their crime.