WASHINGTON - Amid heightening tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, the United States has called for talks between the two countries aimed at promoting regional safety and security.

Responding to questions at the daily press briefing about media reports that Hizbul Mujahideen leader Syed Salahuddin has threatened nuclear warfare with India over Kashmir, State Department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau said, “What I would say is I have seen reports, and anything that does not lead to a calm and peaceful and moderate resolution of differences is not helpful.”

“We believe that for regional safety and security, it is the responsibility of the two countries not only to speak directly to each other but also to have that support within the broader international community.” she added. “I am not going to respond to every piece of rhetoric that I have seen coming out of that. Of course violence is a concern to us, but what I would say is that issues like this are best resolved through dialogue between those countries,” Trudeau told reporters.

The spokesperson was asked about the cutoff of US military aid to Pakistan, a victim of terrorist attacks such as the one in Quetta, and whether the US really believed that Pakistan was protecting some terrorist groups. She referred the questioner to the Defence Department about the matter of military aid, but said, “What I will say is that Pakistan has said that they will go after all terrorists regardless of affiliation. I don’t want to politicise this terror attack (in Quetta). This is reprehensible. What I will say is that we stand with Pakistan as they move forward on this fight against terror,” Trudeau said.


INP adds: US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has condemned as “despicable” the terror attack at a hospital in Quetta, saying there was a need to stand up against terror and prevent such assaults.

“Today’s bombing of a hospital in Pakistan is despicable. We have to stand up against terror and come together to prevent these attacks,” Clinton said in a tweet. Condemning the suicide bombing, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) called on the authorities to carry out a thorough investigation and urged media outlets to anticipate the risks involved in news coverage in the entire region.

“We offer our heartfelt condolences to the families and colleagues of the victims of this barbaric crime and we call on Balochistan’s government to do everything possible to catch those who were behind it,” said Benjamin Ismail, the head of RSF’s Asia-Pacific desk.