PR KARACHI - All Pakistan Newspapers Society has congratulated Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan and his party on having emerged as the single largest party in the general elections 2018.

“We hope a new representative and responsible government formed through a democratic process will overcome the deficit of governance that Pakistan has been facing since its inception,” APNS President Hameed Haroon and Secretary General Sarmad Ali said. They also welcomed the efforts to form government through the electoral process, expressing the hope that a consecutive third-time transfer of power would further strengthen the democratic and constitutional process in the country, resulting in a culture based on universally accepted democratic norms of mutual tolerance and a firm rule of law in Pakistan.

The APNS office bearers firmly expressed their unqualified hope that during the tenure of a new government, the press and citizens of Pakistan would continue to strengthen their right to unfettered freedom of press, subject to reasonable restrictions as already specified in Article 19 of the constitution, and to an equally unfettered right of access to information as specified in Article 19A of the constitution of Pakistan.

The APNS reiterated their conviction that any existing constraint in the implementation of these basic constitutional rights, due to temporary exigencies, would be rigorously addressed by the new government in consultation with representative bodies of the print and electronic media.