islamabad (PR) - A consultation session titled “Reconceptualising Climate Change and Environmental Policies of Balochistan” was held by Islamic Relief Pakistan at Serena Hotel, Islamabad on 9th August 2018, Thursday. Country Director Islamic Relief Umair Hassan, Head of Programmes Islamic Relief Pakistan Raza Narejo, Advocacy and Campaigns Specialist Sarmad Iqbal, representatives from donor agencies, academia, climate change experts, government representatives and journalists participated in the discussion.

A research study was also shared with the audience which revealed that climate change poses multi-dimensional threats to various sectors in Balochistan including water, agriculture, rangelands, and livestock. It is now widely reported in available literature and scientific reports that climate change is occurring beyond the natural long-term cycles and that it poses both direct and indirect threats affecting human well-being. The recommendations of the study targeted sectors of environment, agriculture, livestock, irrigation and water management and laid emphasis on the need for preparing a framework for addressing the impacts of climate change through multi-sectoral planning.

While addressing the participants, Country Director Islamic Relief Pakistan Umair Hassan said, “Islamic Relief Pakistan is supporting the policy makers through such initiatives to benefit the vulnerable communities suffering from climate change and the prevailing drought situation in Balochistan”

Since its inception in 1992, Islamic Relief Pakistan has supported over 8 million people and spent over £100 million for different projects across Pakistan.