Islamabad  -  In the magnificent capital of Pakistan where schools of elite class can observed at every corner with high fees and astonishing structures with air conditioned classes, government model colleges and schools are also serving in different sectors since decades but Katchi Abadis are still ignored.

 In Islamabad, the slum areas are still waiting for schools; it has been decades since the slums in different areas of Islamabad continue to be neglected by the federal and local government. According to a report by Ministry of Human Rights about 70% kids of slums are out of school. The first academy for slum children of G-7 took place near blue area.  An academy for the slums of G7 has been started by Awami workers party with the aim, to educate neglected kids and provide a safe, healthy environment without any discrimination.

The basic purpose of G7 slums academy is to improve access, quality and learning outcomes from marginalized children.

It is unfortunate that a number of children dropped out of school because they could not meet the expenses of private academies or schools, so we took initiative to bring them back to school and provide free of cost education to all. This academy has been named ‘Workers Academy’’ and we are proving education, tuition classes and preparation of exams without a single penny

The Secretary of the Academy added “We started out with G7 because after I-11 it was one of the Katchi abadis where we are deeply embedded and local leadership is committed and is very cooperative for instance, the space has been provided free of cost by a community resident as well. But apart from that, we want to expand to other katchi abadis as well including Mehrabadi, H9, I9 and so on.”

Awami workers party started Workers Academy and hired a teacher for the kids. The classes take place between 1pm to 5pm every Monday to Friday. 22 students are already enrolled in the academy and are coming daily. Chaudhry James, a political activist of G7 said Islamabad has over 33 Katchi abadis, and not even a single government school was spotted in any katchi abadi. “We have been living in katchi abadi since years but the government never facilitates us, our kids are out of schools, working in different workshops but no one cares as we are from a minority. The local politicians and government used to make lot of promises but always forget commitments regarding slums. Civic authorities used different tactics against slums and no one interested in facilitating our kids”.

This initiative is highly appreciable; as this academy is not only fruitful for the Christians slums but is also catering to the needs of other residents of the slums. In morning our kids work in different places and later attend this school in the afternoon. It may help in changing their future, Chaudhry added. 

Shamoon, a resident of G7 said, “Our children also face discrimination in model school and colleges; administration doesn’t gives admission to our children. I am happy to see my kid in this academy its totally free even books and copies are provided by the academy.”

Recently a report published by Ministry of Human Rights said that 2,174 children are out of school in Islamabad’s slum areas.  Reasons mentioned in report included poverty, lack of interest educational facilities and failure to produce birth certificates. Pakistan Education statics 2016-17 also revealed that 22.84 million children are out of school in Pakistan.

 Advocate Nouman Mehr, a young lawyer and activist added that article 25-A of the constitution of Pakistan ensures the Right to education, and the state shall provide compulsory and free education to every children of the age five to sixteen years.

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