Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, renowned nuclear scientist who was set at liberty by Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Friday, has been restricted once again with respect to his movement and activities, reported a private TV channel on Monday. The curbs have been imposed for an indefinite time period. The vigilance outside AQ Khan's residence has been beefed up and visitors are not allowed. He has been barred from travel and allowed to receive visitors only from an approved list of family and friends. The Washington Post reported on Monday that nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, who was released Friday from five years of house, faces a new set of restrictions on his movement and contacts, according to Pakistani officials. Under an agreement reached among AQ Khan's lawyers, the judge who ordered him released and the government, officials said, the Pakistani Interior Ministry will limit and monitor Dr Qadeer's telephone calls, visitors and activities. The Ministry will also prohibit his travel outside the country. US officials, who last week sharply objected to AQ Khan's release, has expressed scepticism about the new arrangement, which they said had been reported to them by the Pakistani government. "We're very concerned," a US official said. Pakistan has "given us some initial commitments but we're going to be following [the situation] very closely. The important thing is that they know we are still very serious about this individual." The case has long been a political football in Pakistan, with Opposition parties and elements of the judiciary citing Dr Qadeer's detention as evidence of President Asif Ali Zardari's obeisance to the United States. "The proof is in the pudding," said the US official, who added that Washington would be watching carefully to determine whether the new Interior Ministry restrictions were real. Our Staff Reporter from Islamabad adds: Interior Ministry officials on Monday said they had yet to receive the official copy of the February 6 court judgement that ended nuclear scientist Dr AQ Khan's house arrest. "There is no question of imposing restriction on Khan at all", said a senior official of the ministry. According to a spokesman of Interior Ministry Shahidullah Baig there was no bar on Khans' friends who wanted to meet him or whom he wanted to meet.