WASHINGTON (APP) - Stressing that democracy and development will be at the heart of the Obama Administration's foreign policy and national security, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has voiced her confidence in special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke's ability to pursue his mission in the region in a smart way. The chief US diplomat emphasized in an interview "that nowhere is the need for a vigorous diplomatic approach more apparent than in the two regions that epitomize the nuance and complexity of our interconnected world than the Middle East and Afghanistan and Pakistan." "Richard (Holbrooke) represents the kind of robust, persistent, determined diplomacy that the President (Barack Obama) intends to pursue," she added, according to a transcript released by the State Department Monday as Holbrooke landed in Islamabad on his first South Asian visit that will also take him to Afghanistan and India. Clinton said Holbrooke has been closely following "Afghanistan, Pakistan and the neighbors" and in his diplomatic career he "has been passionate about securing peace in the situations where it does not exist." "And when I think about what we're facing in Afghanistan and Pakistan, I believed that, you know, Richard brought a lifetime of experience. He's passionate about securing peace in situations where it does not exist. He has seen the cost of conflict in terms of human lives with his own eyes going back to the early 1960s in Vietnam. "He is single-minded in his desire to make the world a more peaceful place. And I know from many, many hours of conversation, going back many years, that he has a preexisting concern for Afghanistan," she told The New York Times. Hillary Clinton said that President Barack Obama and she have "reaffirmed, you know, we have to make diplomacy and development at the center of our foreign policy and national security. "And I have said, we have got to be smarter about how we exercise our power, and at the heart of smart power are smart people. And as he has proven many times over his long career in service to our country, they don't come any smarter or more capable than Richard Holbrooke." The Secretary of State said she came up with the idea of appointing a Special Envoy for Afghanistan-Pakistan region a couple of years back when during her visit as US Senator she found lack of trust between the leadership of the two countries. According to several international affairs analysts the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan have improved vastly since the inception of democratically elected government in Islamabad last year - as also acknowledged by the Afghan president over the weekend " and therefore suggest that Holbrooke's approach appears to be broader in its regional perspective.