This refers to Ms. Amina Jilani's article titled "The house has become a joke" published in your newspaper on January 25. The writer has criticized the role of the Information Ministry holding it responsible for all ills, dubbing it as 'an impediment to the free functioning of the media'. She has gone to the extent of recommending that it be dismantled altogether. She needs to be reminded that the Information Ministry is not a regulator per se but rather a facilitator. Gone are the days when the Information Ministry used to regulate the print media. One fails to understand the reason for ire of the renowned columnist against the ministry because even she can't deny that the government of the day has a right to project and promote its policies, programmes and actions in the national press. Should the government not respond on issues raised in media nor explain its position or offer comment on news published against it? Her offensive against the ministry makes little sense and seems to stem from some personal bias. In my view, the information services need to be brought in line with modern developments taking place in the field for effectively putting across the government perspective in the national and international media. -SONIA ZAFAR, Multan, via e-mail, January 25.