LAHORE-As Punjab Assembly debated on Monday the issue of DHA blocking certain pathways for residents of its adjoining localities, apparently in a move to punish them for their refusal to sell out their land to the authority, Punjab govt has expressed its inability to get the controversial routes cleared for the aggrieved citizens. During Monday's Assembly question hour, a PML-N legislator from Lahore, Mian Naseer Ahmad drew govt's attention towards a longstanding problem being faced by residents of 'vassal states' of DHA. He told the House that residents of DHA's adjoining localities have been forced to take longer routes to get to their destinations following authority's decision to reserve entrance rights at some points. The DHA, he alleged, wanted to 'annex' these localities to the housing society, and was doing all this to punish them for their refusal to sell out lands to the authority Responding to the question, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah told the House that DHA did not fall within the jurisdiction of Housing Department, and hence Punjab Government was helpless to get the blocked points cleared for the affected citizens. He said govt could only intervene in matters pertaining to LDA-controlled areas. Conceding that it was a genuine problem raised in House, the Law Minister guessed that DHA admin may have blocked certain passages for security reasons. He, however, admitted that it needed to be probed as to what extent the DHA could take such a step. Mian Naseer further told Punjab Assembly that even the pathways leading to their graveyard have been closed. He pleaded that DHA was also part of Pakistan, and govt should not allow establishment of 'a State within a State'. 'If Punjab govt is not competent to take any action in this regard, then he should be told where to knock at to resolve the problem', he observed. He said that out of total 19 pathways, six have been completely closed, while gates have been installed at seven. He said the areas fell within his constituency and he had to face criticism of people about closure of these passages. Taking part in the discussion, MPA, Ghazala Rafique urged clearance of the blocked points. She said the routes of only those localities have been blocked which are not part of the DHA. Another PML-N MPA, Asghar Ali Munda said that no authority had the right to close pathways included in the record of Punjab Revenue Department. In the written replies submitted before the House, the Minister conceded that revenue pathways was the property of Punjab Government, but DHA had not blocked any passage in its adjoining localities falling within the jurisdiction of LDA-controlled areas. He also told the House that LDA has demolished all illegal iron gates and walls in Johar Town, an area controlled by the authority. Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood, who was presiding over the sitting at that time also took serious view of the matter and asked Law Minister to find some way out to resolve the conflict. Upon this, Rana Sana assured the House that he would arrange a meeting of concerned MPAs and DCO or Commissioner Lahore division with DHA authorities to sort out the issue. He said that Chief Ministers' Inspection Team was earlier tasked to compile a report on the issue, but it is yet to do the needful.