ISLAMABAD - A special briefing was given to Defence Attaches of various countries at ISI headquarters here on Monday. "It was just a routine briefing", a senior security official told TheNation. Pakistan Security Officials shared results of the Mumbai attacks probe and security situation in the region, with the Defence Attaches. During the meeting, the Attaches were told that the Pakistani soil was not used in Mumbai attacks and neither was the plot of the attack made in Pakistan. They were also told, "No state institutions were involved in the attack adding if India provides us with more evidence then we can expand our probe further." During the briefing, Security officials informed the Defence Attaches regarding Military Operation taking place in Khyber Agency, Bajaur, Mehmand Agency, Swat and NWFP. They said that operation was continuing for the past many days and numerous culprits were arrested and killed during the operation. They further said that with the cooperation of the Government, the Army had devised a new strategy in this regard. They said that Pakistan had paid a heavy price in the ongoing war against terrorism financially as well as sacrificing human lives. Security officials also told them about the involvement of foreign hands in Swat and Tribal Areas.