KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami, Karachi chapter, has decided to launch a protest campaign against from February 13 to 22 with a view to mount pressure on the government to discontinue NATO supply lines from the country after US attacks on tribal areas, sources revealed told The Nation on Monday. When contacted, JI Karachi chief, Mohammad Hussain Mehanti, said that more than one million people in tribal areas had lost their homes and thousands other were killed in attacks from NATO forces, US drones and the ongoing military operation. He said the JI had planned to stage peaceful protest across the metropolis to pressurise government to cut off the NATO supply lines through the country. "We won't allow the NATO forces and US to kill our people in the name of 'war on terror' and the same time continue their supplies through our country", he said. The JI leader added that they (NATO and US) were using the ammunition, obtained through these supply lines, on our people in tribal areas therefore it was responsibility of all Pakistanis to play role to protect their brothers and sisters. He said that during the campaign, peaceful demonstrations would be launched started in different areas of the metropolis including Quaidabad, Shirin Jinnah Colony, Gulbai, Banaras and others, through which NATO supplies passed. He said these demonstrations would be a warning for government of Pakistan and the NATO forces to end their operations against innocent people of Pakistan and Afghanistan. He demanded of the government to give up policies of Pervez Musharraf and regretted that thousands of tribal people had become immigrants in their own country. "American and NATO forces are killing our brothers and sisters in our tribal areas and Afghanistan, while the government is allowing them a supply route for ammunitions and food, which is intolerable," he warned.