LAHORE - The stock market lost 0.4280 per cent on Monday as investors were seen busy in selling their holdings following the indifferent and uncaring attitude of government institutions in supporting the market as well as profit-taking phenomenon by cunning traders and investors. The Karachi Stock Exchange's benchmark KSE-100 index lost 23.96 points to close at 5,573.48 points as compared to 5,597.44 points on last Friday. Volume remained at 174.079 million shares - showing a decline if it is compared to volumes of 183.749 million shares registered on Friday. According to analysts this volume level is below the average of 250 million shares traded daily last year. Meanwhile, the KSE-30 index also landed into negative column and meagrely shed 3.95 points wrapped up at 5,630.83 points while KMI-30 index also lost 132.64 points closed at 7,268.23 points. The market opened on Monday morning with positive note and gained almost above 80 points but immediately after bourse lost its position and sank near to 40 points and remained almost negative in the first session. At mid-day the bourse again made a way towards positive column and again obtained near 50 points. This recovery of bourse could not last long and market again sank to over 100 points before one hour of closing session. With the passage of time, the market again recovered but at the closing of second session it remained negative. A senior analyst was of the view that this sea-saw and ultimately landing in negative column of the bourse was due to profit-taking phenomenon by cunning and astute traders and investors. He further said that the market would gain in the coming days. While Lahore Stock Exchange also lost a meagre 2.06 points as LSE-25 closed at 1,626,.68 points as compared to 1,628.74 points on Friday wherein 19,089,500 shares were traded as compared to 20,307,400 shares trade on Friday while 42 remained equal, 52 shed values and 19 scrips moved up. At KSE, 106 scrips recorded gain, 166 landed in the negative column and 5 scrips remained unchanged out of a total of 277 companies. On Monday at KSE, volumewise leader remained OGDC shares. At KSE, Oil and Gas Dev Com landed into positive column and gained Rs 0.05 closed at Rs 50.05 with volume of 18,373,100 shares followed by National Bank which landed into negative column and shed Rs 2.41 closed at Rs 63.27 with volume of 11,428,100 shares while NIB Bank, TRG Pakistan and PTCLA also shed their values of Re 0.23, Re 0.24 and Re 0.33 closed at Rs 5.17, Rs 1.25 and Rs 14.71 with volumes of 9,590,000, 9,496,000 and 8,862,100 shares respectively. MCB Bank Ltd, Jah Siddi Co and Pak Oilfields Ltd gained their values of Rs 4.49, Rs 1.69 and Re 0.53 closed at Rs 119.33, Rs 35.62 and Rs 111.66 with volumes of 7,517,400, 6,304,100 and 5,949,600 shares respectively. Arif Habib Sec, United Bank and Adamjee Insur also gained their values of Rs 1.09, Re 0.77 and Rs 1.12 closed Rs 23.56, Rs 39.22, Rs 55.47 with volumes of 5,754,800, 5,620,500 and 4,744,200 shares respectively.