THE Federal Cabinet has been expanded yet again. The new arrivals include ANP leader Asfandyar Wali, Attorney General Latif Khosa, President's Secretary Salman Farooqui, Sharifuddin Pirzada and JUI(F) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman. This is the fourth expansion in the Federal Cabinet since the PPP-led government took office and appears to be motivated more by political expediencies than a genuine commitment to deliver. These appointments can hardly be termed as appropriate. For instance, Salman Farooqui had already been assigned important tasks and it appears that he had been given this status merely on account of his association with the President. Likewise, the inclusion of the ANP Chief, whose party is already represented in the Cabinet is also questionable. The same goes for JUI(F), whose members hold important portfolios in the Cabinet. On January 26 two members from the party were made federal ministers. The most surprising inclusion is that of Mr Pirzada, who has served all dictators in the past in their various attempts to distort the Constitution. His appointment will arouse widespread suspicion of various types. It will alienate the legal community and would preclude the possibility of any understanding between it and the government. Keeping in view the financial crunch the country is facing, the huge Cabinet was already a burden on the national exchequer. Thus it is painful to know that more individuals have been given the status of federal ministers. With a total strength of 83, the Cabinet will become the largest ever in the country's history, bigger even when compared with the one existing during Shaukat Aziz's tenure. Besides, there are 91 parliamentarians with minister's status, getting perks and privileges. The present induction would ultimately force the government to borrow more money from the central bank, resulting in an increase in the budget deficit. The government, rather than making needless expansions in the Cabinet, ought to address the real issues that people face, like poverty and unemployment.