NEW DELHI (Agencies) - Commenting on the probe report released by Pakistan on Mumbai attacks, Indian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anand Sharma said that despite provision of enough evidence about the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai, Pakistan has not acted seriously. Talking about probe report, Sharma said that international community was examining the investigations carried out by Islamabad on Mumbai attacks. Despite provision of enough evidence, Pakistan has not acted seriously, he said. It is regrettable that Pakistani government is using delaying tactics in this connection," said Sharma. Rubbishing Pakistan's claim that evidence provided to it was not sufficient, he said all those behind the Mumbai attacks have been identified and Islamabad should act instead of creating confusion. The Minister asked the international community to see whether Pakistan is sincere in bringing perpetrators of the Mumbai carnage to justice besides dismantling the terror infrastructure. Pakistan should not delay, deflect or confuse but act on the evidence provided to it in the dossier on January 5, he said while responding to Pakistan's contention that it would not be able to pursue investigations till it got "substantial" information from India. Sharma said identity of the individuals, who masterminded the dastardly act in Mumbai is very well known to Pakistan, to India and to the entire international community. "The organisations (behind the attack) stand identified and named by UN Security Council itself." Meanwhile, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) would give evidence, if necessary, in the Mumbai terror attack trial, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram said here on Monday. "Our investigation has been helped by FBI. If necessary, FBI will give evidence in the trial," Chidambaram told reporters after reviewing Maharashtra's security situation in the wake of the terror attacks. India is awaiting response from Pakistan to the 26/11 dossier, he said. "We have given them a dossier. Let them respond to it. I will comment after they give the response," he said. "It is all rubbish," was Chidambaram's response when asked about media reports which indicated that according to Pakistan, the 26/11 plot was hatched in Bangladesh or Europe. "Pakistan has not told you nor me. Don't go by newspapers report," he added. The Centre has decided to set up a Coastal Command by integrating the functions of the Navy and Coast Guard to combat possible terrorist attacks from the sea in the light of last November's Mumbai terror attacks, Chidambaram said. The command envisages that the Navy would look after the security of blue waters, the Coast Guard after the territorial waters and the coastal police would keep vigil at the grassroot level.