LAHORE - On the day when the entire PCB brass had been put on the mat by the Senate's Standing Committee on Sports, its director marketing Dr Ahsan Malik resigned from his position. He is terming it only as a 'career-move' but there definitely is more to it than meets the eye. It is quite obvious that Dr Ahsan was not comfortable with the present dispensation. And so perhaps were the powers-that-be in the Board presently. Having served the Board for about two and a half years - initially both as head of its media and communications department as well as marketing and commercial matters, but latter only as its point man in the latter area. He was considered as a confidant of former chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf, and there were unfounded rumours that he was even related to him, but Ahsan gave the best account of himself under the present setup - clinching it US $140 million for its international television rights. Acknowledging this to be well beyond his expectations by around $60 million, in a television interview the other day even chairman PCB Ijaz Butt bandied it about as his 'own' achievement. At the time of the contract when one spoke to former ICC chairman Ehsan Mani, who by the way was heading the PCB's marketing committee for this venture, he had dubbed Dr Ahsan's work as 'excellent' for its 'forensic detail'. Other than the TV rights, the notches in Dr Ahsan's belt include finding quality sponsors for domestic cricket and broadcasting contracts, events like RBS Twenty20, sponsorship deals for Pakistan vs Sri Lanka rubber series and development initiatives like the Mobilink 'Hunt for Heroes'. He also successfully managed the portfolio of media manager with the Pakistan team during the Twenty20 World Cup 2007 in South Africa and its high-profile tour to India later the same year. Whether his resignation is accepted or not is a point of conjecture, but this surely reflects that exodus from key position in the PCB is on the rise.