KARACHI - Live media coverage became bone of contention in the Sindh Assembly on Monday when despite assurances from ministers for law and information, some unknown employees of the Assembly disconnected its proceedings of the private channel, which prompted journalists to walk out from the press gallery. PPP legislator Sharjeel Memon, on a point of order, asked the chair whether private channels were allowed to telecast the live proceedings of the House. Upon which Deputy Speaker Ms. Shehla Raza said the Assembly had allowed the PTV for live coverage. Clarifying the issue, Law Minister Ayaz Soomro said that no one should have the objection on live coverage of the session. "We should appreciate the channels for telecasting live coverage of Assembly proceedings so that the people could watch them in their native language", he added. But the legislator from Tharparkar repeated his point regarding legality of live telecast of the proceedings. The situation took an ugly turn when some unknown assembly employees disconnected the cable of TV channel after the Information Minister Ms. Shazia Marri informed the House that there was no bar on the coverage under the rules, however the Speaker could allow or disallow any such kind permission. But if a House member has any objection, he can bring amendment in this regard, she added. However, journalists returned to the press gallery after information minister persuaded them to end the boycott. Information minister Shazia Marri, responding to a point of order raised by opposition leader Jam Madad Ali, condemned the attitude meted out to senior journalist Sabihuddin Ghousi by the doctors in Aga Khan Hospital. She said that inquiry has been ordered into the matter. Minister for Health Dr. Saghir Ahmed also condemned the attitude meted to Sabihuddin Ghousi. He said that a bill under the name of Private Hospital Regulate Authority was pending. He said that number of such incidents have gone unreported so that the said bill may be tabled in the House. Later on, the house unanimously adopted a resolution moved by PPP member Haji Munawwar Ali Abbasi, which read, "this Assembly resolves and recommends to Sindh government to approach the federal government to ensure that PASSCO and TCP should purchase rice from mills in the province at appropriate price so that the growers get fixed price of Rs700 per 40 Kg." Supporting the resolution opposition member Masroor Jatoi said that growers of Sindh suffered a lot due to rain and added it should not be restricted only to paddy but also cover other crops. He demanded the federal government to direct the PASSCO to buy paddy from growers and provide funds to Sindh government for its purchase. He said the government should announce the exact date on which the PASSCO would purchase the paddy and that government should intervene in the matter to steer the growers from difficult situation. Masroor Jatoi said that growers facing difficulties due to increase in the prices of urea, DAP and other agricultural inputs. PPP member Imran Leghari supported the resolution and said the rains had ruined the farming community. He added that he, along with a large number of growers, had approached the PASSCO centre where the officials replied that they would not purchase paddy as their procurement targets had been met. Welcoming the resolution, Shaharyar Mahar of PML-Q said that millers should be directed to purchase paddy from the growers. Sindh Minister for Agriculture Syed Ali Nawaz Shah, while supporting the resolution, informed the House that an agreement has been reached between PASSCO and the millers. He said that quality of paddy was damaged due to rains and the millers were not purchasing it on fixed prices causing huge losses to the farmers. The minister assured the House that both federal and provincial governments were monitoring the shortage of urea and there was no dearth of the fertiliser in the province. Introduction and consideration of government bill No-2 and 3 were deferred till February 12 after Law Minister Ayaz Soomro through motion requested the chair. The House also deferred elections of Committee of Rules of Procedure and Privileges and Committee on government assurance till February 12 on the request of law minister. PPP member Humera Alwani was nominated as member of the Pakistan Nursing Council Islamabad unanimously when law minister tabled a motion in this regard. The House also nominated Sharjeel Memon, Nawab Taimoor Talpur, Mir Haji Hayyat Talpur and Pratap Singh as members of Sindh Coal Authority Board after the law minister proposed their names. The House started business with Acting Speaker Ms. Shehla Raza in the chair. Later, she adjourned the House till tomorrow (Wednesday).