ISLAMABAD - The message from the six-hour long meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Sports Monday was loud and clear. On every issue that came under review, the senators were dissatisfied with the Board's performance. And one senator went to the extent of demanding that if chairman Ijaz Butt does not resign of his own volition, President Asif Ali Zardari should send the cricket board that he had appointed only months ago be sent packing, . This was a view supported by other senators, on the grounds that the board officials were incapable and that the most widely popular game was in such a mess that it can not be resurrected by the present lot. In a meeting that saw the PCB and its senior officials being grilled throughout was meant to probe as to why performance of the national team had been so pathetic against Sri Lanka (Pakistan under Shoaib Malik had sunk to a new low when it got out for 75 in the series decider last month - condemning it to its heaviest defeat in one-day cricket by 234 runs), whether the Board was heading towards bankruptcy and the emotive issue of Javed Miandad's 'resignation' from the newly-created position of director general. The last issue saw senators demand an apology from the PCB chairman to Miandad, but Butt did not acquiesce on this or the demand of his own resignation. Ijaz Butt conceded that there was no contract with Maindad, accepting it as his fault. This gave Senator Enver Baig the stick to beat the chairman with, and he immediately asked Butt's resignation. Butt however said that he would meet Miandad in a couple of days to resolve the issue. AFP adds: In the aftermath, captain Shoaib Malik was replaced by senior batsman Younus Khan. "Financial mismanagement has been there for a long time now, but this current set-up of the PCB is incapable and if they remain in charge, cricket will be completely destroyed," Senator Enver Baig told reporters. "I request the President to reconsider the appointment of Ijaz Butt as chairman," said Baig. Butt was appointed PCB chairman last October. "Good cricketers cannot be good administrators and so it's proved," he said. "Butt's appointment was political and we request the president to change it," Senator Tahir Mashhadi told the meeting. Another senator said fears that the PCB was going bankrupt were false. "The current bank balance of the PCB is 2.7 billion (34.15 million dollars) and so fears of the PCB going bankrupt were unfounded," said Haroon Akhtar. Butt claimed last month that PCB's reserves had fallen from 3.3 billion to 1.5 billion rupees over the past two years after several teams refused to tour Pakistan over security fears. Akhtar also refuted Butt's claims that renovation of Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore had run over budget. "We had summoned the architect and former chief operating officer Shafqat Naghmi who told the house that the project can be completed in Rs 31 million rupees and not in Rs 47 million as claimed by the PCB," said Akhtar. Referring to PCB director general Javed Miandad's resignation last month, Butt told the house that the former great's appointment was a "big mistake." "I accept that appointing Miandad without a valid contract was the biggest mistake of my life. Miandad was demanding 1.6 million rupees (20,000 dollars) which was not acceptable," said Butt. Miandad was appointed director general in November but resigned protesting that he had been unable to change the structure of Pakistan cricket. "I did not resign over money," he told the meeting. "The scope of work given to me initially was totally different from the one which was written in my contract. The PCB wanted to confine me to domestic affairs and that was not acceptable to me," Miandad added.