KARACHI - The City District Government Karachi (CDGK) and Pakistan Steel have arranged a trip for 55 students of "CDGK Pilot School" along with 10 teachers on February 16 to Pakistan Steel Mills. The trip is planned to enhance the knowledge about working environment of Steel Mill and job opportunities in this field, a representative of the CDGK told The Nation. "The Committee for Monitoring and Improvement of Schools (CMIS) for CDGK have decided to launch apprenticeship for the students from under privileged classes. Hino Pak, Indus Motors, Fauji Fertilisers and Honda Atlas have offered their assistance for apprenticeship as partners. This activity will help to provide technically skilled people to the steel industry," said the source from CMIS. "Two schools from Baldia and SITE areas will be taken to the visit at Pakistan Steel. The basic purpose for the visit is to provide awareness and give exposure to the children from different schools about steel industry. Children from these schools will get technical awareness. This activity will help to develop knowledge among the children regarding the job opportunities in this field," she said. While commenting on the need for such visit, he said that this visit would help to develop personal experience among the children. After their visit to the site, presentations will be held by the students. This will polish their skills and encourage them about their future prospective. "The education facility has been improved in the schools running under the supervision of CDGK. We have first tried to improve the education system in the schools. Now, as we have done that mostly, we are taking these children to different educational trips. We are arranging these trips according to the student gender. Basically, the under privileged class is getting benefit from such arrangements," she expressed. On inquiry about the selection of students for the trip, she said that this trip was arranged for boys. "It is an educational trip, so we have considered the students from higher grades in the school. It is to provide a platform to them for having enough knowledge to decide their future careers. The students would be encouraged to give presentations regarding their trip. These students will also be expected to ask questions regarding their experience." "This project had also carried out a field trip for girls at PAF museum few days back. We are planning to arrange more educational trips for the students of CDGK schools for their better future," she concluded.