PPP should stop sending the particular few ministers (out of such a large brood) it sends to the popular talk shows on various channels. They create a pitiable impression of party because of their poor performances. The other day, while facing penetrating questions of Kashif Abbasi in the presence of two competent stalwarts of N and Q Leagues, a lady federal minister from Punjab made a total hash of the issue under discussion, the principles in democracy. Each argument she gave only helped shatter the image of PPP, exposing her incompetence in such a way that the other two guests frequently burst into sarcastic laughter. To make the situation worse, she kept interfering unnecessarily while the other members were putting their viewpoints with strong logic. One wonders is it because leadership of the party has put them in an awkward situation or they really do not know how to answer genuine questions? I don't know why it reminded me of the last days of Musharraf's regime when his ministers fell flat on their faces in similar discussions on these channels. -DR GHAYUR AYUB, London, UK, via e-mail, January 25.