LAHORE Hundreds of fire fighters, rescuers and officials of various departments of the City District Government have started operation for the removal of debris of collapsed buildings after controlling fire in three days and nights struggle. On the other hand, dozens of families are awaiting their beloved ones who are still missing in Shah Alam Market incident. However, the district administration seemed reluctant to pass any comment about the reason behind the incident. Talking to mediamen after visiting the spot, DCO Ahad Cheema said that the district administration was trying its best to remove the debris. He said that death toll was not confirmed yet. Rescue officials and traders told this scribe that valuables worth billions of rupees had reduced to ashes in the incident. It is pertinent to mention here that three commercial buildings and one mosque were razed to the ground while seven other buildings adjacent to the plazas were damaged, two of which were in a dilapidated condition. However, shops of surrounding markets remained closed in the Shah Alam Market in solidarity with the owners of the burnt plazas and to protect the performance of fire fighters. An official of Rescue 1122 said that fire was under control while the rescue operation had moved into the final phase of removing debris. He said it could take three weeks or a month to remove the debris because the work would be done manually as the road was narrow. He said that according to evidence collected from the spot so far revealed huge quantity of raw material of perfumes, cigarettes, lighters and fire works were prepared inside the building while evidences regarding presence of sufficient quantity of flammables including explosive material like gunpowder were collected as well and there are chances that presence of such explosive was the main cause of the incident. Zafar, a resident of the area, said that when the plaza fell, debris was flung in the adjacent buildings and streets before the fire break out and sound of explosion shook the entire area, which means there was some explosive material present in the building. He said there had been several skirmishes reported between angry traders and the fire fighters. Meanwhile, two groups of the traders also scuffled with each other on certain issues and the conflict was settled down with the interference of some local political leaders and workers. A trader Shakeel said that fire fighters were ill-equipped to handle such a massive fire and such delayed rescue operation in fact caused severe damaged to the traders. Meanwhile, the office bearers of Pakistan Workers Federation Khursheed Ahmad, Muhammad Talib, Osama Tariq, Ch Naseem Iqbal, Khushi Muhammad Khokhar, Salahuddin Ayubi, Hassan Munir Bhatti, Shafiq Javed and other representatives in a meeting held at Bukhtiar Labour Hall on Wednesday said the fire incident in Shah Alam Market was the result of lack of observance of safety laws by the government, which had caused loss of billions of rupees. They said that former Punjab government and Sindh government have suspended the functioning of independent labour inspection machinery in violation of ILO convention ratified by the government of Pakistan. Moreover, senior Punjab Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed visited Shah Alam Market on Wednesday evening to review the damage. He expressed sympathises with the affectees and assured all-out cooperation on behalf of Punjab government. He asked the traders organisations to prepare details of their losses and said that he would soon arrange a meeting of their representative delegation with PM Gilani so that suitable compensation could be announced for them.