Reports concerning millions of donor dollars entering the country for economic assistance, being consumed by the government departments for their own charades are disturbing to say the least. Similarly, our country has been blessed by a PRSP (Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers) Secretariat, working under the Ministry of Finance. The main purpose of this widely unknown department was to monitor the progress in addressing the issue of poverty, while also to observe that the funding through foreign aid is being employed correctly. While, the website and the organizational chart seems to be depicting a very active institution, there seems to be no improvement taking place on the ground. This monitoring mechanism seems to be spending more on workshops and seminars, while doing nothing for the large number of people, living under the poverty line in our country. The common people of Pakistan are the ones, who are paying the price for the incompetence of the department. YASIR HAMEED, Islamabad, February 9. A common excuse It is a norm on the part of the police to refuse to file an FIR, giving the excuse that the crime did not occur under their jurisdiction. In numerous cases, police personnel of various jurisdictions brawl with each other, to avoid registering a case. It is always the victim, who suffers at the end. The public and even the police in this matter should be made aware, that the police cannot refuse to file an FIR, even if the crime has not occurred in their jurisdiction. The police are bound to register the complaint and forward it to the concerned jurisdiction, for further action. HASSAN BASHIR, Islamabad, February 9.