CAIRO (Reuters) - Four people were killed and several suffered gunshot wounds in clashes between security forces and about 3,000 protesters in a western province of Egypt, the state news agency and security sources said Wednesday. The clashes in New Valley, a province that includes an oasis in western desert, erupted Tuesday and continued Wednesday. It appeared to be the first serious clash between police and protesters since officers all but disappeared from Egyptian streets after they had beaten, teargassed and fired rubber bullets at demonstrators on January 28, dubbed the Day of Wrath. President Mubarak sent the army onto the streets that night, but several days of looting and lawlessness followed the withdrawal of police, and many prisoners escaped from prison. Meanwhile, Egypts foreign minister on Wednesday rejected US calls for the immediate repeal of its emergency law and said Washington seemed to be trying to impose its will on Cairo and that its political advice was unhelpful. Asked if he viewed advice provided by US Vice President Joe Biden as helpful, Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit told the PBS NewsHour program not at all, according to an interview transcript.