THE Tampa, Fla., teen has had the tiger since the day he was born. My friends think its really cool that I have a pet tiger because most of them only have a cat or dog, Felicia said. Each night the playful tiger crawls into bed with Felicia, sleeping on her pink, black and leopard print sheets with her. The 17-year-old girl comes from a family of animal handlers. Her parents run a program called Tiger Encounter. Hell be with me until hes a year old and well use him to educate others, Felicia said. For now, shes still feeding the six-month-old tiger milk; but in just a few more weeks, hell eat only meat. Doctor Bhagavan Antle runs The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species. Hes known Felicias family for years and said that the family is well-trained to take care of the tiger. I know that theyre ninth-generation circus performers that have raised and worked with animals, Antle said. ABC Newa