ISLAMABAD - Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) Wednesday stressed the government to bring agriculturists and big farmers in the tax net in order to broaden the tax base. The President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce amd Industry, Mahfooz Elahi while talking to the delegation of flourmills representatives said that levying withholding tax of 3.5 per cent on traders and intermediaries of raw agriculture produce needs to be rationalised. He said that traders/intermediaries of raw agriculture produce were exempted of withholding tax through SRO586(1) 1991 of June 31,1991, now they have to pay 3.5 per cent withholding tax vide SRO 1161(1) 2010 dated 31-12-2010. He was of the view that tax should be levied on the commission earned instead of levying it on the total trade. The country was currently experiencing high inflation and impact of imposition of 3.5 per cent tax on gross trade will be larger that would further increase the already soared prices of many agriculture products, hitting a common man directly, he maintained. The President ICCI informed that most of the buying in the agriculture sector was done through Commission agents and irrational taxing would ultimately burden the end consumers. He noted that through rationalization of tax, prices of flour, sugar, pulses, cotton fabrics, ghee and all other products of raw agriculture produce could be controlled for shooting up at higher rate otherwise many agri-products would escalate a great deal. Elahi was of the view that for broadening tax base, government should take the businessmen on board instead of keeping politician in loop.