DELHI Police was left red-faced when a court ordered release of seven persons 'branded as ISI-linked terrorists and remarked that the encounter story plotted by the police in this regard was 'carefully scripted in office, reported Times of India. Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat acquitted Saqib Rehman, Bashir Ahmed Shah, Nazir Ahmed Sofi, Hazi Gulam Moinuddin Dar, Abdul Majid Bhat, Abdul Qayoom Khan and Birender Kumar Singh who were arrested by the Delhi Police officials after a 'fake encounter in July 2005 in New Delhi. The encounter alleged to have been taken place on the intervening night of July 1-2, 2005, did not take place at all and an absolutely fake encounter has been projected. The story of the encounter was carefully scripted in the office of Special Staff, Delhi Police, Dhaula Kuan, by its main author Sub-Inspector Ravinder Tyagi with the assistance of sub-inspectors Nirakar, Charan Singh and Mahender Singh, the ASJ said recently. The prosecution told the court that accused Saqib Rehman, Nazir Ahmed Sofi, Gulam Moinuddin Dar and Bashir Ahmed Shah were arrested following a gunfight near Gurgaon-Delhi Road on July 1, 2005. The Delhi Police said these four accused were in a car and on being asked to stop, they tried to flee and the police team overtook them and they were made to stop. The prosecution said the accused opened fire on the police team and after encounter, they were arrested by the police team and an army combat uniform, fake currency of Rs 50,000 and sketch of Palam Air Force station was recovered from their possession. In its chargesheet, police claimed the accused persons disclosed that they were working on the directions of Pakistans spy agency ISI. Police further claimed that after the interrogation of the four, they arrested three others and recovered huge amount of fake currency notes, an AK-47 assault rifle, several magazines, cartridges and hand grenades from them. All the accused, however, claimed innocence before the court and said they have been falsely implicated in the case. Accused Gulam Moinuddin Dar submitted to the court that he was involved in operations in Occupied Kashmir and was instrumental in surrender of various militants before the police, but was falsely implicated in this case. Heeding to pleas of innocence by the accused persons, the court said, The case put forward by the prosecution against these accused has fallen flat and it has been established that the encounter so projected by the police was absolutely fake and stage-managed. The defence put forward by the accused that they are innocent and have been framed up falsely in this case gains credence. The court also directed the Commissioner of Police to initiate appropriate inquiry against the four police officials, who abused their power and submit its report to the court within three months. All these four police officers have acted in advancement of their self-interests in total disregard to the demands of their solemn duty. These four police officers whose duty was to protect and safeguard citizens, have turned persecutors and tormentors, the court said. ASJ Bhat came down heavily on the Delhi Police for the way in which they probed the case. In the present case, the prosecution has failed to produce any evidence to show that the accused persons are in fact, terrorists having links with the ISI of Pakistan. No investigation has been conducted in this regard by the Delhi Police. It has failed to trace out the source of the arms and ammunition allegedly recovered from and at the instance of the accused as also that of the fake currency notes, the judge said. The court also noted that due to such acts by some policemen, the general public is losing faith in the whole police system. These four police officers have brought utter shame and disrepute to the whole Delhi Police force. In my opinion, there cannot be any more serious or grave crime than a police officer framing an innocent citizen in a false criminal case. Such tendency in the police officers should not be viewed or dealt with lightly but needs to be curbed with a stern hand... Such black sheep, who are out to defame and bring into disrepute the whole police force, need to be identified from the whole flock and taken to task, the ASJ said.