LAHORE The Punjab Government is considering revision in standards for tetra pack liquid and dry milk for tea, thus allowing multinational companies to reduce volume of important ingredient like Solids Not Fat (SNF) and use of vegetable instead of animal fat, sources informed TheNation on Wednesday. Presently, both for liquid and dry milk, the set standards are 7 per cent fat and that too only animal fat, and 9 per cent SNF. According to the sources, the Punjab Health Department high ups will hold another meeting with representatives of multinational companies on February 12 to discus the pros and cons of revising milk standards. In an earlier meeting, held on February 7, the participants including health department officers and manufacturers discussed in detail the present standards and those needed to be implemented in the best interests of the later. The insiders say that the manufacturers proposed reducing SNF from existing 9 per cent to merely 3.5 per cent and fat from 7 per cent to only 2 per cent. The manufacturers also proposed using vegetable fat instead of animal fat. As the participants failed to reach the conclusion, they decided to hold another meeting on February 12 to revise milk standards before the responsibility shifted to under consideration Punjab Food Authority. Secretary Health Fawad Hassan Fawad categorically denied the reports, saying that the government always followed international standards and these could not be violated. He said no such proposal had reached to his office and drastic changes in milk standards were out of question. The insiders, however, insist that the high ups were looking for ways to accommodate manufacturers while keeping the matter secrete. They further said such proposals were floated in the past but the government did not accept as they were not feasible. They expressed hope that the recent proposals would face the same fate. The proposals floated by manufacturers and another meeting on the issue on February 12 have raised alarm among stakeholders, especially dairy farm owners, who are seeing their share shrunk if SNF are reduced and vegetable fat is allowed instead of original dairy product, animal fat. Animal fat is genuine dairy product and it costs more to the manufacturers. The cost of vegetable fat is many times less than the animal fat. Use of vegetable fat is cost effective for manufacturers and for this reason they are pressing for its use in dry and liquid milk. SNF has the same importance. Both the ingredients make milk a complete diet. Use of vegetable fat and reduced SNF quantity is against the interests of the consumer, said a dairy farm owner, while urging the government not to accommodate proposals against public interests.