Roundtable Conference proposed by President of the country and co-chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Asif Ali Zardari is need of hour in view of world political scenario so that the political and economic challenges faced by the homeland could be resolved. This was said by Secretary Information PPP Ladies Wing Sindh, Ms Sharmila Faruqui in a statement issued here on Thursday. Round table conference is need of hour keeping in view internal and external challenges being faced by the country, she said adding the move would result in collectively resolving the issues. As a nation, we are facing several challenges and problems in the view of international geo-political scenario, she said adding that central leadership of the PPP had been taking right and timely steps to invite politicians to participate in roundtable conference in order to evolve a consensus on national issues. All leaders and workers of the PPP wholeheartedly endorsed the holding of the roundtable conference for upholding of democracy, democratic institutions and rule of law, she said. She emphasized the need that all political parties would have to support the PPPs efforts to resolve challenges of unemployment, poverty, price hike, law and order situation and others in order to put the country on the track of progress and prosperity. I have pinned hope on upcoming roundtable conference that it would bear fruits. Insurgency in Balochistan and terrorism in Khyber- Pakhtunkhwa and Pakistans position in US led war in Afghanistan may come under discussion in the conference which would find out resolution to the geo-political challenges, Sharmila opined. She said central leadership of the PPP along with allied parties had been mulling over changing scenario of international politics and they want to save the country from threats posed by the enemies with developing a consensus on the national issues.