LAHORE The protesting students of the Punjab Universitys Institute of Plant Pathology on Wednesday tried to commit suicide in front of the Vice-Chancellors office to get their demands accepted. They also tried to enter the VCs office but the police thwarted their bid. Two students were also injured during protest and one of them was rushed to the nearby hospital to provide him first medical aid. A Punjab University spokesman later claimed that VC Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran, during a meeting with the students on Tuesday, had removed all their reservations. The Punjab University Vice-Chancellor had told them that due process would be expedited to resolve all their problems. The Vice-Chancellor had allowed all the students to put up questions and suggestions, whatever they had, in their mind for removal of their reservations. While discussing the problems of the IPP students, the VC said he had a fair intention for solving their issues, the spokesman said. Now the students should concentrate on their studies, giving due cooperation to their teachers and faculty staff and in case of any problem, they are free to contact their respective teachers as well as the Vice-Chancellor, who would be always available to redress any of their problems, the Punjab University Vice-Chancellor had said.