After a long wait, the ICC tribunal finally gave their judgement on "Spot Fixing" case in which our three star cricketers, Salman Butt, Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Amir were involved. Our cricket fans were in great suspense as to the judgement of the tribunal and were hoping that their heroes would be let free with light punishment in the shape of fine or limited ban. But they were all shocked to learn about the heavy punishment as announced by the president of the tribunal on 5th Feb, 2011 in a press conference at Doha, Qatar. I think, the tribunal must have considered all the aspects of the case and the future of our cricketers before announcing this punishment. I personally feel, they should have given a more severe punishment of awarding a life ban than giving them a hope of again playing. This punishment would at least serve as a deterrent to other cricketers who are likely to be contacted by such corrupt mafia of bookies. All sports must be played in a fair manner. The sportsman who indulge in such corrupt practices of fixing the results or taking drugs (doping) in fact, cheat the spectators and fellow players. I advocate zero tolerance to such players who are not true to the competition and hence they should be debarred for future participation. These three cricketers not only brought bad name to the country but also to the world of cricket. The evidence is enough and they should not go for any appeal. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, February 6.