The recently reported witch hunt of NESPAK in the press, by a sitting MNA who is supposedly convener of a subcommittee of PAC, smacks of malicious intentions to blackmail a premier institution of Pakistan that is operating engineering projects all over the world. All this muck raking appears to be inspired by the refusal of MD of NESPAK to promote two employees recommended by the said MNA, whose own tenure is going to lapse in a few weeks’ time. Such frivolous issue that the MD of NESPAK is not an engineer but an architect is belied by the fact that University of Engineering and Technology (UET) gives scores of professional degrees, including architecture, as such the objection that MD NESPAK is not an engineer is not valid. He had been a member of the Board of Directors of NESPAK for several years.

NESPAK is a prestigious professional organization as a limited company and it should not be maligned by a person that has personal motives to tarnish a successful organization of the Govt. This does not promote the image of our country, as well as proves that we are a nation not guided by the good of the country, but our personal motives. The national press ought to avoid playing into the hands of a person that has petty personal motives to start a smear campaign against a hard working Chairman of NESPAK who has impeccable professional record of growth in the organization, he is envied by everyone. Just look at OGRA Director General who decamped with 82 billion rupees of public money. PAC should follow such cases rather than going on a wild goose chase that would not lead anywhere.


Lahore, February 8.