LAHORE                  -              Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has sealed four production units of Nimko and discarded 32 maunds unwholesome food during operation against adulteration in the area of Allama Iqbal town and Dholanwal Main Bazaar here on Sunday.

The operation was led by Director General Irfan Memon. The factories were producing unhygienic nimko and snacks with substandard and prohibited food articles which were injurious to health.

Meanwhile, PFA team confiscated 900kg unsanitary nimko, 200kg ‘pakoriya’, chips, 80kg vermicelli, loose colours and spices. Later the PFA team discarded the confiscated unwholesome food.

Irfan Memon said that authority closed down production units of Haji Nawaz Nimko, Jhulay Lal Nimko Pakoriya, Haji Sahib Nimko Pakoriya and BM Nimko over wrong labelling, fake packing and failure to produce a record.

He said that nimko and other products were being manufactured with substandard flour, loose adulterated spices and in dirty oil. DG said that all manufacturers were also failed to meet the hygienic working environment set by the PFA, adding “It is a heinous crime to prepare any food product with substandard material for minting money.”