Observing many individuals in surrounding telling about their favorite personalities, I heard someone saying ‘Salman Khan is my ideal, I want to follow him’. After searching for characteristics in a real ideal, I found no one to be my ideal. One day while I had a severe headache, I saw someone very much tensed, crying and touching my feet with lots of love, it was my mother. I occurred to me that can how anyone else than a mother be the real ideal of any individual? A mother is someone who always cares for her children and I realised that there’s no better ideal than a mother for anyone. My ideal is my mother who loves me, cares for me, needs me and aids me the most, than anyone else in the world. I love my mother. Thus, a mother is someone who faces countless troubles for nine months giving birth to their children, giving them milk for two years, growing them with unlimited difficulties. We should love our mothers and care for them because they are the best ideals for their children. 


Turbat, June 18.